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      While the Northern Hemisphere is preparing for the onslaught       of winter, South Africa is awakening to the new beginnings of       spring. For a good look at our locations click here.

      The South African Climate 
changes from the maritime, warm,       dry summers and mild, wet winters of the Southern Cape region    through to Semi-arid conditions further inland in the Karoo region.   The East Coast enjoys a Sub-tropical climate, whilst the  temperate Highveld region in the North has summers that are hot and rainy and winters that are cold and dry.

Namiba is subject to extreme desert temperatures with fog along the coast, and an unreliable summer rainfall.

The Southern African Seasons


Dec  :: Jan  :: Feb
Mar  :: Apr  :: May
June :: July :: Aug
Sept :: Oct :: Nov

Namibia Arid Region Winter rainfall region South coast region Sub tropical East coast region Semi arid region Temperate Highveld region Tropical summer rainfall region Tropical region