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         CLIMATE: "The Secret Season" - May to September - is         upon us.The sun is pleasantly warm, the light softer, the
        air clearer and the landscape lush and green. With         temperatures in the 20's, it feels like summer, but it's          winter. The South-easterly wind doesn't blow and the        odd rainstorm can easily be accommodated by a well-       scheduled production with weathercover. Discounts and        deals can be struck with airlines, hotels, crew, equipment       & studio rentals, editing & post-production facilities. But      best of all, the city and its surrounds are less crowded than     during summer, so locations are easy to hire and yours for    the picking.

  EXCHANGE RATE: Since December 2001 the ZAR has nose-dived - creating an excellent rate of exchange - offering you spectacular production value for your Dollar - not only on exterior shoots, but consider shooting large studio productions in South Africa. Take advantage of the magnificent value you will get from set-builders and heavily art-directed productions.

SHOWREELS: The Directors reels of Gavin Gurlonger and Paul Thompson (DP/Director) and top South African DP showreels are available on request. Click here.

COASTAL CONNECTION CD ROM: Our CD Rom, featuring our showreel montage and a locations reel, together with a substantial amount of invaluable information is available on request. Click Here


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